Welcome to the Tarot Certification Board of America. Our mission is to provide a platform for tarot readers to achieve their professional aspirations. We of the TCBA endeavor to raise the standard for the legitimacy of the Tarot community.

For years the general public has seen the Tarot Professional in an undesirable light. With the help of all those who seek certification, we will project a positive image of the Tarot Professional. We have a Client's Bill of Rights to protect clients which is supported by the people we certify.

With all this in mind, we've created a way for the Tarot Community to display their knowledge and skill with honesty and conviction. We seek the collective knowledge of those in our field and hope that by doing so, we may enrich the lives of those who pass through our virtual doors. Please join us in excellence!

Please click the "Levels of Certification" link to find out about our certifications, or click the "Certification Exams" link to get started!

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